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  1. A Comparative Experimental Study Of The Autoignition Characteristics Of Alternative And Conventional Jet Fuel/Oxidizer Mixtures
  2. A Comprehensive Experimental And Modeling Study Of Iso-Pentanol Combustion
  3. A Detailed Combined Experimental And Theoretical Study On Dimethyl Either/Propane Blended Oxidation
  4. A Jet Fuel Surrogate Formulated By Real Fuel Properties
  5. A Rapid Compression Machine For Chemical Kinetics Studies At Elevated Pressures And Temperatures
  6. A Surrogate Mixture And Kinetic Mechanism For Emulating The Evaporation And Autoignition Characteristics Of Gasoline Fuel
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  8. Accelerating Moderately Stiff Chemical Kinetics In Reactive-Flow Simulations Using GPUs
  9. Aerodynamics Inside A Rapid Compression Machine
  10. Alternative Jet Fuels
  11. An Augmented Reduced Mechanism For Methane Oxidation With Comprehensive Global Parametric Validation
  12. An Automated Target Species Selection Method For Dynamic Adaptive Chemistry Simulations
  13. An Experimental Investigation On Ethylene/O2/Diluent Mixtures: Laminar Flame Speeds With Preheat And Ignition Delays At High Pressures
  14. An Experimental Study Of Kerosene Combustion In A Supersonic Model Combustor Using Effervescent Atomization
  15. An Experimental Study Of The Autoignition Characteristics Of Conventional Jet Fuel/Oxidizer Mixtures: Jet-A And JP-8
  16. An Investigation Of GPU-Based Stiff Chemical Kinetics Integration Methods
  17. Aromatics
  18. Atmospheric Pressure Counterflow Setup For Flame Studies
  19. Augmented Reduced Mechanisms For NO Emission In Methane Oxidation
  20. Autoignition Of Gasoline And Its Surrogates In A Rapid Compression Machine
  21. Autoignition Of H2/CO At Elevated Pressures In A Rapid Compression Machine
  22. Autoignition Of Methanol: Experiments And Computations
  23. Autoignition Of Methyl Butanoate Under Engine Relevant Conditions
  24. Autoignition Of Methylcyclohexane At Elevated Pressures
  25. Autoignition Of N-Butanol At Elevated Pressure And Low To Intermediate Temperature
  26. Autoignition Of N-Decane Under Elevated Pressure And Low-to-Intermediate Temperature Conditions
  27. Autoignition Of Toluene And Benzene At Elevated Pressures In A Rapid Compression Machine
  28. Autoignition Response Of N-Butanol And Its Blends With Primary Reference Fuel Constituents Of Gasoline


  1. Effect Of Ferrocene Addition On Sooting Limits In Laminar Premixed Ethylene/Oxygen/Argon Flames
  2. Effect Of Hydrogen Addition On The Counterflow Ignition Of N-Butanol At Atmospheric And Elevated Pressures
  3. Effects Of Entry Conditions On Cracked Kerosene-Fueled Supersonic Combustor Performance
  4. Effects Of Fuel Distribution On Detonation Tube Performance
  5. Effects Of Hydrogen Addition On Combustion Characteristics Of N-Decane/Air Mixtures
  6. Effects Of Hydrogen Peroxide Addition On Combustion Characteristics Of N-Decane/Air Mixtures
  7. Effects Of N-Butane Addition On Reformer Gas Combustion: Implications For The Potential Of Using Reformer Gas For An Engine Cold-Start
  8. Effects Of Reformer Gas Addition On The Laminar Flame Speeds And Flammability Limits Of N-Butane And Iso-Butane Flames
  9. Effects Of Vitiated Air On Hydrogen Ignition In A High-Speed Laminar Mixing Layer
  10. Emissions Reduction During Cold StartTransient In IC Engines
  11. Endothermic Fuels
  12. Events
  13. Experimental And Surrogate Modeling Study Of Gasoline Ignition In A Rapid Compression Machine
  14. Experimental Characterization Of Premixed Spherical Ethylene/Air Flames Under Sooting Conditions
  15. Experimental Database
  16. Experimental Investigation Of Lean-Dome High-Airflow Airblast Pilot Mixers’ Operability, Emissions, And Dynamics
  17. Experimental Investigation On Flameholding Mechanism And Combustion Performance In Hydrogen-Fueled Supersonic Combustors
  18. Experimental Studies On The Combustion Characteristics Of Alternative Jet Fuels
  19. Experiments And Numerical Simulations On Soot Formation In Counterflow Ethylene-Air Diffusion Flames