Multiplex CARS Measurements in Supersonic Hydrogen/Air Combustion

Authors: S. R. Yang, J. R. Zhao, C. J. Sung, and G. Yu

Direct link to the paper: DOI: 10.1007/s003400050615


H2 and O2 multiplex coherent anti-stokes Raman spectroscopy (CARS) employing a single dye laser has been explored to simultaneously determine the temperature and concentrations of H2 and O2 in a hydrogen-fueled supersonic combustor. Systematic calibrations were performed through a well-characterized H2/air premixed flat-flame burner. In particular, temperature measurement was accomplished using the intensity ratio of the H2 S(5) and S(6) rotational lines, whereas extraction of the H2 and O2 concentrations was obtained from the H2 S(6) and O2 Q-branch, respectively. Details of the calibration procedure and data reduction are discussed. Quantification of the supersonic mixing and combustion characteristics applying the present technique has been demonstrated to be feasible. The associated detection limits as well as possible improvements are also identified.

Citation: S. R. Yang, J. R. Zhao, C. J. Sung, and G. Yu, “Multiplex CARS Measurements in Supersonic Hydrogen/Air Combustion,” Applied Physics B- Laser and Optics B 68, 257-265 (1999).