Mittal & Sung – MCH

MCH Experimental Data

NOTE: This dataset has to be interpreted in conjunction with the article below:

G. Mittal and C. J. Sung, “Autoignition of Methylcyclohexane at Elevated Pressures,” Combustion and Flame 156 (9), 1852-1855 (2009). DOI: 10.1016/j.combustflame.2009.05.009

Ignition Delay Data

Ignition Delay Data

Experimental Pressure Traces


Heat Loss Parameters

Heat Loss Parameters

Input conditions and Case numbers file

Input Conditions and Case numbers file

Heat loss parameters for all cases

  • Use the following program as the driver program for SENKIN: driver.f
  • Specify initial pressure (P0), temperature (T0), composition in the SENKIN input file with VTIM keyword for calculations.
  • Run the program


Note: Heat loss parameters are in the form of a polynomial. At long time after compression the polynomial may blow up to erroneous values. SENKIN calculations should be performed to a reasonable time which is sufficient for ignition to occur