Lean-Dome Pilot Mixers’ Operability Fundamentals

Authors: X. Ren, X. Xue, K. B. Brady, C. J. Sung, and H. C. Mongia

Direct link to the paper: https://link.springer.com/chapter/10.1007/978-981-13-9012-8_17


This chapter first reviews recent research efforts directed at improving the operability range of lean direct injection (LDI) combustion technologies. Recognizing that swirl strength and flare geometry can significantly affect operability and emissions, a representative LDI swirl injector fundamental research has been undertaken to (1) investigate the impact of air swirler vane angle on the reacting flow field and flame behavior and (2) elucidate the influence of flare geometry for understanding the fundamental differences between LDI and airblast mixers. The results of these fundamental studies are discussed in order to identify design changes for improving LDI performance.

Citation: X. Ren, X. Xue, K. B. Brady, C. J. Sung, and H. C. Mongia, “Lean-Dome Pilot Mixers’ Operability Fundamentals,” Innovations in Sustainable Energy and Cleaner Environment (Eds.: A. K. Gupta, A. De, S. K. Aggarwal, A. Kushari, and A. K. Runchal), Springer, Singapore, pp. 387-409, 2020.