New Rapid Compression Machine

rcm photo

Figure 1. Photograph of the new RCM facility showing the mixing chamber, manifolds and the RCM

The new RCM facility consists of a rapid compression machine, a flow control/supply system, and a mixing chamber. Both the RCM and the mixing chamber along with the manifolds have a provision for heating up to a maximum temperature of 420 K.

Figures below show the new RCM facility schematically.

rcm schematic

Figure 2. Schematic of the new RCM facility (not to scale)

The new RCM facility is capability enhanced to attain higher end of compression pressures and wider compression ratios. Several other improvements from operational point of view are also incorporated.

rcm schematic2

Figure 3. Schematic of the new RCM, the end reaction chamber, and the creviced-piston head.