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Nour Atef, Goutham Kukkadapu, Samah Y. Mohamed, Mariam Al Rashidi, Colin Banyon, Marco Mehl, Karl Alexander Heufer, Ehson F. Nasir, A. Alfazazi, Apurba K. Das, Charles K. Westbrook, William J. Pitz, Tianfeng Lu, Aamir Farooq, Chih-Jen Sung, Henry J. Curran, S. Mani Sarathy a, “A Comprehensive iso-octane combustion model with improved theromchemistry and chemical kinetics,” Combustion and Flame 178, 111-134 (2017). doi:10.1016/j.combustflame.2016.12.029

Volume Histories — Volume_Histories_Iso-Octane_2017