NOTE: This dataset has to be interpreted in conjunction with the articles below:

C. W. Zhou, Y. Li, E. O’Connor, K. P. Somers, S. Thion, C. Keesee, O. Mathiue, E. L. Petersen, T. A. DeVerter, M. A. Oehlschlaeger, G. Kukkadapu, C. J. Sung, M. Alrefae, F. Khaled, A. Farooq, P. Dirrenberger, P. A. Glaude, F. Battin-Leclerc, J. Santner, Y. Ju, T, Held, F. M. Haas, F. L. Dryer, and H. J. Curran, “A Comprehensive Experimental and Modeling Study of Isobutene Oxidation,” Combustion and Flame 167, 353-379 (May 2016). doi:10.1016/j.combustflame.2016.01.021

Download – UCONN_Isobutene_package_Final